How To Tag Someone On Instagram

tag someone on instagram

How To Tag Someone On Instagram ? How To Tag Someone On Instagram Story , Video , Comment , Someone else’s Photo On Instagram , After Posting Single Picture Or Multiple Pictures ?

Instagram is now a great source of Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing. Tagging Someone on Instagram Story, Video, Comment can boost someone’s post or business Instagram page. We can easily tag someone on Instagram story, video or comments. Tag On Instagram is really helpful in case of sharing something to someone.

Why To Tag Someone On Instagram ?

  • Share views on any post (photo/video).
  • Sharing memes to your friends.
  • Winning any giveaway .
  • Thanking everyone in your post.
  • Winning a debate or fight with friends.
  • Posting a picture with friend.

-> Tags On Instagram is a must for everyone be it Hashtags ! Hashtags could boost Instagram Business Visibility . 

How To Tag Someone On Instagram?

Tagging someone on instagram is quite easy. We can tag someone on Instagram in many ways like :

  • Tag Someone on Instagram Story.
  • Tag Someone on Instagram Video.
  • Tag Someone on Instagram Post.

How To Tag Someone On Instagram Story ?

  1. Open Your Instagram .
  2. Go To Add Story Option.
  3. After Uploading Story there are many options to edit .
  4. Click On Text Option ” Aa” and start typing with @ and type username you would like to tag. tag someone on instagram story
  5. Select the username and click on “DONE”.

How To Tag Someone On Instagram Post , Photo OR Video ?

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Upload Post Or Click On “Edit Post”.
  3. After doing so just click On ” Add Tag ” and do the same by typing username .tag someone on instagram post
  4. Click On Done ! Boom It’s Done.

How To Tag Someone On Instagram Comments ?

  1. Open Post and Go To Comments Section.
  2. Start By Typing @ and then type the username and click on your username when options are displayed .
  3. Write your comment in front of it.
  4. Click “Done”.

Now you will be able to tag someone on Instagram Story, Comments, Post, Photo Or Video Or Anywhere .


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