How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

Are you shifting from Android to iPhone ? Moving to a new phone is easy but migrating it’s data is too complicated . Because we cannot move all data within one click ! In this article you will see methods on How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone.

You might have seen online many softwares or websites which offers you to move whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone but those softwares are 100% fake never buy them . If you are searching for it now also, stop it’s just a waste of time. There is no way you can move whatsapp data from Android to iPhone. You can either keep a file of your whatsapp data saved in Google Drive. Whatsapp Backup in android ( google drive ) is different from iPhone ( icloud ) .

How To Transfer Contacts From Android to iPhone

Today I will be sharing 3 methods from which you will be able to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone or there will be no need to transfer it !

Method 1 : Using SIM card To Transfer Contacts

  1. On your Android device, launch your Contacts app, tap on the menu button, and navigate to Settings. Find the Import/Export setting and tap it.
  2. Tap the Export button. Then choose to export to the SIM card.
  3. Wait for the contacts to be exported to your SIM card.
  4. When the export is complete, remove the SIM card from your Android phone and insert it into your iPhone.
  5. On the iPhone, tap the Settings app to open it.
  6. Tap Contacts (on some older versions of the iOS, this is Mail, Contacts, Calendars).
  7. Tap Import SIM Contacts.

When the import is done, your contacts will be available in the pre-installed Contacts app on your iPhone.

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Method 2 : Using Google To Transfer Contacts

  1. On your Android device, back up your contacts to Google. The backup should happen automatically if you use your Google account on your device. You can also tap SettingsAccount, the Google account you want to sync to, and then toggle Sync Contacts to ON.
  2. With that done, add your Google account to your iPhone.
  3. When the account is set up, you may be able to enable contact syncing right away. If not, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts and tap the Gmail account.
  4. Move the Contacts slider to the On (green) position, and the contacts you added to your Google account will sync to the iPhone.

Method 3 :

As in Method 1 , you will be just having a SIM in Android , just make sure you have contacts in SIM and then remove sim from android and insert it into iPhone and you will see your contacts without transferring .

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