How To Increase Your KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile 2020

How To Increase KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is the most popular game now around the world. Now the competition is increasing for who is having better KD In PUBG Mobile. You might have seen players in Ace with only 1-3 KD and some with more than 5-10 + KD. So these 1-3 KD people are either considered noob or campers or snakes ! In this post you will be getting some tips & tricks to increase your KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile.

Now the question is you might have seen your friend playing too good and is also a pro player but his KD is only 2.50 something . The reason is either being killed too fast or having low kills till the last of match.

What Is KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile ?

KD Ratio is Kill To Death Ratio and this option is viewable in your profile statistics. In simple, it is the number of kills you did to the number of times you died. Let’s take an example – In 1st match you kill 1 people and get died then your KD will be 1. In next match you died without any kills, then your K/D ratio would be ½ or 0.5. And in the next match you have killed about 3 enemies then your new K/D would be 4/2 or 2. This is how KD Ratio Is Calculated. It gives you an idea of average kills player does in a single match.

Tricks & Tips To Increase KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile 

Well I will be sharing my personal strategy here that How I Increased my KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile.

  1. DO/DON’T DROP AT HOTSPOTS – It all depends on you, if you think that you are too pro dropping at places like Novo,Georgo, Military Base or Pochinki , then you should go there and concentrate for high kills ! But if you think you get died without having guns or something, then do not drop at hotspots.
  2. DROP AT SMALL CITIES OR SPOTS – Well this is the best idea or strategy to increase your KD Ratio In PUBG Mobile . Now here you should drop at minor cities like Ruins, Lipovka, Severny or Zharki or either at small spots like houses near Gatka. Now here you will have 99% of chance getting 2-3 bots which would every time at least maintain your KD ratio of 3+ , but the thing is just keep watching for bots before your teammates steal the kills 😛 ! My advice is to loot small houses from Gatka and keep moving on too rush places where you think 1 team could be still alive there. So you can rush from corners with your teammates and wipe squads! I used this strategy too and is working great. increase kd ratio pubg trick
  3. ALWAYS WAIT FOR LAST CIRCLE – If you think you don’t have a good cover or feels that you might get killed if you rush to some squad , then just wait for last circle with your team. Chances here are some squads are left with 1-2 people with damaged vests and helmets in their team so you can wipe them easily and get most kills .
  4. ALWAYS HAVE ONE STRONG COVER – This doesn’t mean that you and your teammates all are behind one tree and get killed by one nade throw. The strategy is to take 4 covers from left-center-right-opposite or either push on one squad by flanking left or right. This strategy always works 100% and you or your player will be revived easily if got knocked! Having a strong cover , you can use smokes to confuse your enemies about your location.
  5. ALWAYS USE COMPENSATORS ON AR RATHER THAN SUPPRESSORS – I would recommended you to use compensators on AR guns rather than suppressors which would improve your aim. Believe me, suppressors don’t work in last zones.
  6. KEEP TWO AR GUNS – You might get confused here, why two AR GUNS ? But some pro players use this strategy rather than picking up snipers .The thing here is you have one AR either with Red Dot Or 2x scope and the other one with 6X scope adjusted to 3X which works best in last zones to kill enemies ! If you don’t know how to use 6X in AR Guns and control recoil, keep practicing in Training Area and watch some videos online.
  7. NEVER LEAVE YOUR VEHICLES –  Always keep pushing to zones with your vehicles because sometimes these vehicles when damaged can be a good cover rather than going zig-zag or jumping in open area and getting killed !
  8. CAMP OR RUSH – It’s your wish how you want to play either camp in big buildings or houses so you can kill enemies when they approach to you with a good cover and sometimes you can also see prone players in open. The other trick is to keep rushing towards other enemies and use strategies like flanking to wipe them away !
  9. PLAY WITH NOOB ID –  No one will tell you this trick used to increase KD Ratio in PUBG Mobile as some of youtubers play with low level IDs like Bronze, Gold and do take advantage of high kills in game. You can also create your another ID in Apps like Parallel Space and invite yourself and then you can avoid playing match from Noob ID.

With these tricks & tips you can easily push your KD from 3 to 5-7 and increase your KD ratio in PUBG Mobile.

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