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  • How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram

    Instagram is the best platform to share stories, pictures and connect with friends & family online. But if someones try to access your account, it becomes scary that they can steal your content ideas , pictures or private messages. This is why we should enable two-factor authentication on instagram to protect our instagram account. It […]

  • How To Cancel All Sent Follow Request On Instagram At Once

    In this method , you will learn How To Cancel All Sent Follow Request On Instagram and all the process will be done in less than 1 minute. We all want to cancel our sent requests on Instagram which is either kept pending or deleted from their Instagram profiles. Most of us daily send 20+ follow […]

  • A2Hosting Coupon – Upto 66% OFF

    If you are looking for best hosting site, then it’s right time to apply A2Hosting Coupon and get 63% off on hosting. A2Hosting services are used by most of the world large industries and companies. This is the best time to purchase any of A2Hosting plan as they are offering 66% (usually 51% ) off […]

  • Avast UI Failed To Load – Fix Error

    Sometimes after restarting your computer or updating you might get error “Avast UI failed to load” and the error dialogue will offer to exit and restart it . Avast is the best antivirus software but sometimes these type of errors may become more of a problem. If the problem is not fixed by exit or […]

  • How To Enable Universal Mark & Death Replay On PUBG Mobile

    Recently Pubg has released 17.0 . The new update has a lot of new features like Death Replays, Universal Marks, New Arcade Hardcore Mode, Season 12, Amusement Park . Few of the features has to be live yet. In this article you will know How To Enable Universal Mark & Death Replay On PUBG Mobile […]

  • How To Stop iPhone From Sleeping ?

    Apple’s iOS is too much advance that to extend its battery life it turns feature off or puts iPhone to sleep mode. Watching a video or playing a game disables this feature.There are 2 ways on how to stop iPhone From Sleeping. Auto Brightness Auto Lock How To Stop iPhone From Sleeping ?  METHOD 1 […]

  • What Is Difference Between A Lawyer And An Attorney ?

    People living in United States have lawyers and attorney . When you find yourself sued for one reason or other, you might get confused whom to call to represent you in court. Let’s know what is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney ? The difference between an attorney and a lawyer is actually […]

  • How To Tag Someone On Instagram

    How To Tag Someone On Instagram ? How To Tag Someone On Instagram Story , Video , Comment , Someone else’s Photo On Instagram , After Posting Single Picture Or Multiple Pictures ? Instagram is now a great source of Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing. Tagging Someone on Instagram Story, Video, Comment can boost […]

  • What Is Farming In Clash Of Clans | Clash Of Clans Farming Guide

    What is Farming in Clash Of Clans ? There was a time when clash of clans was a trendy game . But now some of COC players had moved to PUBG & left COC . Farming in Clash Of Clans is dropping down your trophies and get demoted to lower league. Farming in Clash Of […]

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