How To Cancel All Sent Follow Request On Instagram At Once

In this method , you will learn How To Cancel All Sent Follow Request On Instagram and all the process will be done in less than 1 minute. We all want to cancel our sent requests on Instagram which is either kept pending or deleted from their Instagram profiles.

Most of us daily send 20+ follow requests on Instagram. But we don’t remember to whom all we sent and feel bad if number of requests accepted are less than sent. So in this method we will be cancelling all our sent follow requests easily in less than 1 minute.

This method works perfectly but slow on mobile however if you use it on PC or Laptop , it will be more than easy to remove all of the sent follow requests on instagram.

How To Cancel All Sent Follow Request On Instagram

  1.  Open Your Instagram App.
  2.  Click on Settings Now here click on ‘Security‘ option .
  3.  Here you will see many options. In ‘Data and History’ there is option named ‘Access data‘ click on it.
  4.  Scroll down and check for ‘Connections‘ and click on ‘Current Follow Requests
  5.  Click on ‘View All’ and a list will come up of all usernames whom you have sent follow request which is pending on their profiles. So you can easily cancel all of them by copying their usernames.

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