What Is Difference Between A Lawyer And An Attorney ?

People living in United States have lawyers and attorney . When you find yourself sued for one reason or other, you might get confused whom to call to represent you in court. Let’s know what is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney ?

The difference between an attorney and a lawyer is actually nothing. This question is usually referring to people living in United States because other foreign countries should not be addressed in this answer as it makes more complicated and confusing for them.

As there is no difference between physician and a doctor, there is no difference between a lawyer and an attorney. Both have to go to undergraduate classes for 3-4 years and attend law school for additional 3 years. No one can practice Law in the United States until they pass their Bar exams . After 7 years also after passing of school, they are only allowed to practice Law in their state.

What is the difference between a lawyer and an attorney ?

Attorney :  An attorney is a person who is a member of legal profession and handles business for someone else. Attorney is qualified to represent his/her client in court. An attorney may defend a case on behalf of his client’s legal proceedings.

Lawyer :  A lawyer is a person who practices law or who is trained in field of law and provides advice on legal matters. A lawyer only becomes an attorney when he has a client or when he has someone to conduct for business ( client for any case ) .

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In U.S. lawyer and attorney are normally considered synonyms. These both words have very similar meanings. So there should be no confusion in between both of them .

This was a detailed article to know difference between both of them and not to get confused .  I hope you liked the article !






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