How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram

Instagram is the best platform to share stories, pictures and connect with friends & family online. But if someones try to access your account, it becomes scary that they can steal your content ideas , pictures or private messages. This is why we should enable two-factor authentication on instagram to protect our instagram account. It is a great security feature which will prevent anyone from signing into your account even if they know your password!

What Is Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram ?

Two step verification is also known as Two-Factor Authentication, which is extra security for your Instagram content. The main concept behind this method is that when your account is logged in by you or someone else, access is allowed only when you will provide an additional piece of evidence. This evidence will come from something which is physically present with you. A 6 digit security code that is sent to your phone is used for this purpose.

This concept is very old and was started with Google, Yahoo and MSN. Facebook also started this two step verification feature under the name of ‘Login Approvals’ followed by Instagram. Enabling two factor authentication on Instagram will make hard for hackers to access your accounts. If you are worried about identity theft on a digital platform, two step verification is best feature to keep you safe on Instagram and digital world so that  you can post your instagram stories without worrying. Two factor authentication feature do require an access of to your phone and text option.

How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Instagram ? 

  • Just open your Instagram app and tap on the icon that represents profile at the bottom bar. Now on the top right corner of your Instagram app, you will find three dots aligned vertically.
  • Taping the three dots you will see many options just tap  ‘Settings’ menu. On search type “Two-Factor Authentication” and tap on it . Now choose “Get Started”. It will show you two options ( you can choose both or any )
  • Enable Text Message and it will send 6 digit code to your mobile number . After entering code click on ‘Next’ . Boom ! Two- Factor Authentication is enabled now.
  • Click on ‘ Next ‘ and now you will see some recovery codes here , just screenshot them or write them somewhere . These recovery codes are required if you do not have access to text messaging your phone .

 Steps to Disable Two-Factor Authentication

If you do not want Two-factor authentication but have already enabled it. The process to disable is also same and very simple and straightforward.

  • Tap the three dots on the top right corner to open ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Security’ section of the menu and tap on the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ option.
  • On the next screen, disable the option that says ‘Text Message’.
  • Instagram will now ask you to confirm to disable the option. Tap on ‘Turn Off’ to confirm.
  • Now Two-factor authentication is now disabled.

Now you can easily enable or disable two factor authentication in Instagram App on Android or iOS. Instagram has made it really easy to turn on and two-factor authentication to improve your security.


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